Smart Lighting Redefined

OrelHome is a comprehensive smart home solution that aims to redefine home automation.The solution allows users to easily control a number of smart accessories and devices in their home, all using a single mobile app. From smart lighting to security cameras to smart appliances, a wide variety of devices can be configured, controlled, and monitored with ease.

Meet OrelHome

Home automation at your fingertips


Wireless Control

The OrelHome app lets you control your devices from your phone, even when you’re not home.


Voice Assistant Compatibility

Control your devices with your voice. OrelHome devices are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo.



Each lamp can be smoothly-dimmed to set the ambiance and help you lose those extra Watts.



Want to wake up to the sunrise? Dine in candlelight? OrelHome has got you covered and lets you set the colour temperature of your lamps to whatever you want it to be.



OrelHome RGB lamps can be set to over 16 million different colours to bring your home to life with a splash of colour.


Smart Scheduling

OrelHome lamps can be set up to automatically turn on when it gets too dark, greet you when you arrive home, and even help you wake up in the morning.