· Lead and mentor a team of skilled Machine learning engineers.

· Set the technical vision and direction for ongoing projects and innovation.

· Ensure the adoption of best practices in ML engineering.

· Architect, design, and develop end to end ML solutions using latest tech stacks and model architectures.

· Lead by example through active participation in coding and development tasks.

· Perform code reviews to ensure code quality and adherence to best practices.

· Ensure the implementation of security measures to protect user data and app functionality.

· Utilize debugging and performance monitoring tools and techniques to identify and resolve issues.

· Optimize performance for speed and responsiveness of the final service or implementation.

· Leverage cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure to integrate cloud-based features.

· Apply industry-standard design patterns to ensure code maintainability and scalability.


· Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in STEM fields.

· 5+ years of professional experience in software and machine learning app/services development.

· 3+ years of experience in leading/mentoring machine learning engineers.

· Proficiency in debugging and performance monitoring tools and techniques in the ML pipeline.

· Experince with ML cloud platforms such as AWS / Azure / GCP / Huawei.

· Strong knowledge of python syntax and programming concepts.

· Familiarity with backend API development.

Job Category: Associate Tech Lead/ Tech Lead – Machine Learning

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Mireka Tower – Havelock City

Country: Sri Lanka
Job Location: MIREKA OREL IT

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