SKU: 499-5060

56″ Ceiling Fan 70Watt – Beige Brown

56″ Ceiling Fan 70Watt – Beige Brown
Colour Beige Brown
Rated Voltage 220-240V a.c.
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Rated Wattage 70W
Speed (rpm) 300
Number of Speeds 5
Approximate Air Delivery 230m³/min
Safety Cable Available
Sweep(mm) 1400
Material-Blades Aluminum
Material-Winding Copper
Length of Fan Rod 26cm
Insulation Class B
Climate Class T
Bearing Type Double ball bearing
Capacitor 2.25μF 440V
Approximate Weight-Motor 2.5Kg
Approximate Weight-Blade 0.3Kg
Maximum Temperature Rise 90°C
Warranty Period 2 Year*