The Rise of Orel – Orel Group launches its Digital Headquarters in Singapore

In line with Orel Group’s purpose of Empowering Humanity across the world through its innovation-led, Technology-driven, Manufacturing Ecosystem for Power, Data and Water, the company announces it has taken a global leap with its Digital Headquarters in Singapore. 

From the roots of 3 generations in Sri Lanka, the expansion has led to a global leap to move their digital headquarters to Singapore, the home of World Class International Headquarters. Singapore is a gateway to the region and to the world, propelling entrepreneurial opportunities. This offers connectivity and a robust innovation ecosystem which pairs well with the manufacturing in other markets. In addition, Singapore has been ranked as one of the world’s leading forces in technological innovation. With Orel Group’s increasingly global brand portfolios, their key brand architecture and designs are already born out of Singapore today. Singapore will help Orel Group to better meet the needs of both the East and the West, being a gateway to growth opportunities in Southeast Asia, APAC and EMEA markets. 

Orel Group’s history as a family-owned, independent business stretches back almost a century. Today, it is an adaptive manufacturing Multinational company with expertise in building infrastructure (including electricals, lighting and more) and a global technology company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence services. 

At the same time, Orel Group announces three new pillars – Power, Data and Water. This strategic expansion not only allows Orel Group to better deliver its purpose of Empowering Humanity, it will also allow stronger synergies within its innovation-led, technology- driven, manufacturing ecosystem for Power, Data and Water to empower lives globally. 

Orel Group is a Technology and Manufacturing Multinational Corporation. Its Global Ecosystem Empowers Humanity by reimagining the possibilities of Power, Data, and Water, creating a cleaner, smarter, and sustainable future. Orel Group has a global presence across six continents and more than 50 countries.

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